To Protect your freedom

and privacy on the internet


Easily Unblock Sites

Using The Privacy Patch is as easy as the single click of a button. Simply select the website you wish to unblock, then click the "install" button. The Privacy Patch will automatically patch the website, allowing you to access it once again!

Submit Sites

You can also submit a website that is blocked in your country. We review submissions daily, and (after review) add them instantly!


The Privacy Patch only works on Windows™, but Mac OSX™, Linux™, iOS™ and Android™ versions are on their way!

Messaging Feature

Easily message admins or other members to get help with usage, or simply to chat!

100% Privacy Minded

Here at Elite.So, we take privacy serious. That's why we don't log your information. All traffic passed through is anonymous, private, not logged and will remain that way for the life of the project!

Selectable Servers

The Privacy Patch has multiple servers available, and you can choose which server you want to use! In your account settings you can choose any server you wish! Or you can use the "Automatic Selection" mode which will select the best (and fastest) server for you!


1. What does The Privacy Patch do?

A. The Privacy Patch allows you to bypass websites blocked by your ISP.

2. Is The Privacy Patch secure?

A. Yes. We at Elite.So take security seriously. That's why we triple check for any exploits, and patch them at a moment's notice.

3. How does The Piracy Patch work?

A. The Privacy Patch edit's the "hosts" file to point the blocked domains at our servers. After that, our server acts as a "proxy", passing your traffic to the blocked site.

4. How do I use The Privacy Patch?

A. Click the "Login" button on the top right of this page. If you have an account, enter your details and click the Sign In button. If you need an account, click the register button and fill out the form. After successfully logging in, click the "Access TPP" button in the top right. You will then be using The Privacy Patch.

5. Can I submit my site to The Privacy Patch?

A. Yes, when you access the User Control Panel, there is a submission link you can use to submit your site. The submitted site will be reviewied by staff, then accepted (or denied) based on their findings.

6. Why do staff members need to review my submitted site?

A. We want to make sure your site doesn't have any viruses on it, and does not violate our terms of service.

7. What platforms are supported?

A. Currently, we only have Windows™ XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 compatibility. However, Mac OSX™, Linux™, iOS™ and Android™ versions are in the works.

8. How much does it cost?

A. There are future plans to offer premium services like VPN's, SS5 Proxies, and Game Proxies. However, The Privacy Patch is free of charge, and its base features will always be free.

9. Do you log any of my data?

A. We log our control panel (for security and debugging purposes), but do not log site traffic (ex: when you visit a site you patched).

10. Why do you require invitation codes, and how can I get one?

A. The Privacy Patch is still in closed alpha, therefore invitation codes are required for registration. You can apply for an invitation code on the registration page for The Privacy Patch. The first 30 registrations will be accepted and allowed to access the beta.